My Proudest Achievement

From a very early age I was taught the pride you felt over an achievement was far more important than the size or scope of what it was you actually did.

For instance, getting your pen license. Something thatwhen you’re 6 or 7 is the most amazing thing imaginable, once awarded that stock certificate enrolling you into the halls of the pen user elite, you flew that son’bitch around like the U.S. Flag on Omaha Beach in 1944! Now, you don’t think twice about the Bic ball-point in your hand, nor do you think of the work, stress and practice that went into figuring out how the connect a q and a d in perfect cursive; or how to make a w and u look like something other than an upside down silhouette of a mountain range.

Case in point – your pride in your achievement is more important than what you’ve actually achieved.

This leads into the original point of this post; to attempt to explain my exuberance over the achievement of creating (with help) my Son. The action, or the act of creating him was in fact a simple biological function – done with exceptional skill, in average duration with a pleasing climax for all involved I might add.

On October 20th, 2012 at 6:28pm (AEST) – my world changed – everything that mattered shifted down a peg. My baby boy was born! I was a Dad!

From that moment onward, almost every day would be filled with these feelings of pride and almost insane levels of joy at especially the most ridiculous things; “Oh my God, he’s looking at me!” – I mean, c’mon! How much of an “everyone gets a trophy” statement is that?!

A further 3 years and 5 months onward and I’ve experienced at least 1,300 more of these little bursts of seemingly undeserved pride. From finally figuring out the circle block, circle hole dilemma to being a perfect gentleman whilst out – minding his P’s and Q’s with total strangers when in the situation, being loving, caring and delicate to his Great Grandmother whilst visiting.

Whilst my childhood friend was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child, he asked what it’s like to be a Dad, how it feels. I didn’t answer for a while, instead, I sat and thought about what it meant to me and what I actually felt being a Dad – “You’ll never look at anything the same way again, you’ll see everything from the view point of a child. The world becomes a wondrous place again.”

I find pride in things every day that I’ve never previously thought about, simply because I created something that cares so much and so deeply about everything! At least, this is what gets me through the days of hearing “What you doing?” and “Why?” around 200-300 times!


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