Windows 10 – Could WIN+G be the best thing ever?

Now I know I’m not the only SysAdmin who’s had to put together some training documentation around some application or process. In the past, that meant downloading the 30-day trial of some bulky program like Camtasia or the like. Now, not bashing these applications as in the past, they’ve helped me out a great deal. What I’m saying is they represent, each time at least 300MB of download, the annoying install and accept for the30 day trial period and then the “Enter Registration Code” every launch or every record. Now, in comes Microsoft with the Xbox Game app, which, let’s be honest, I’ve no interest or time for due to the fact I’m not a 13-year-old high school student, I’m a man, with a life and a job who would rather spend time riding a motorbike, chilling with my Son or enjoying the company of real, live women!

WIN+R, or WIN+ALT+R after it’s activated is probably the best keyboard shortcut since OneNote’s WIN+SHIFT+S for screenshots (a welcome addition for an OSX user) for admins that are in need of a quick screenshot or quick video to explain what’s going on. Now, the real swell thing about these videos are that they’re coded to .mp4 meaning that they’re not in any bespoke Microsoft format that you’ll need to download another application to get it into a working format. Hell, they even work importing them into iMovie!

They, by default, save into C:\ Users\%username%\Videos\Captures which is again, awesome as you don’t have to search high and low in system temp folders for them. Without letting my M$ fanboy shine through too much, good show Microsoft, another reason why Windows 10 is great in my book!


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